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The Tea Room's Journal
20 entries back

Date:2007-05-28 14:46
Subject:I want to relax and detox...

I'm generally NOT  tea drinker, but I want to try and sort my system out with something that can relax me or alternatively, detox me. Have you guys got any suggestions? I'd be much obliged.

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Date:2007-04-17 15:05
Subject:Los Angeles Tea Tasting Class 4/28/07

i saw this and thought of you...
anyone else know of and/or been to cool Tea Tastings in the LA area?


Get the REAL buzz on tea at a Zen Zoo Tea Tasting!

Discover the REAL buzz on tea as Zen Zoo Tea Master, Janice, guides you through a custom-designed discussion about tea, where it comes from, how it is made, the origins of tea, current trends, the best way to brew tea at home, tea & health, and more. A tea plant will also be on-hand to show you exactly where tea comes from! You’ll also get to sample many different varieties of tea & nibble on snacks specifically made to be paired with tea.

To further the experience, Janice will demonstrate a Tea Cupping (similar to Wine Tasting) of high-quality, rare teas. The next Zen Zoo Tea Class is Saturday, April 28th from 3:00 – 4:00pm at Zen Zoo-Hollywood and only accommodates up to 8 tea enthusiasts, so reserve your space now at info (at) zenzootea (dot) com.  The cost of this intimate Tea Class is only $27.00 per person, which includes many high-quality teas, snacks, tea knowledge, and fun!



Zen Zoo Tea in Hollywood is located on Vine Street at Sunset Blvd, next to Borders.  Free 1 hour parking in Sunset+Vine lot.  Metro Red Line stop (Hollywood & Vine) is only 2 blocks away.


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Date:2007-02-20 08:28
Subject:KPGI: Boseong Green Tea

A freind asked me this question:

[My husband] brought back some really excellent green tea from a trip to Korea. We prefer it over everything else we've tried, but now we're nearly out and I can't find it over here, or on line. It's called, as near as I can tell, "KPGI: Boseong Green Tea" and is also listed as "Organic". If anyone knows of somewhere to order it, I'd love to hear about it.

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Date:2007-01-21 23:48
Subject:Victorian Tea
Mood: creative

A group I'm with is planning to hold a Victorian Tea as a fund-raising activity, and I'm looking for suggestions from the wider world on what to include.

  1. What kind of tea would you expect, or like, to see at such a party?

  2. What foods would you expect, or like?

  3. Can anyone point me to graphics that can be used in promotional materials, both print and web?

We're holding this at a nice local restaurant, which will be happy to decorate as we like. In addition to tea and food, we're planning live period music (vocal and solo piano) and a silent auction. Beyond making money on the event, we'd really like to do it up as authentically as feasible. Any other suggestions?

Thanks for any help!

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Date:2007-01-17 11:39
Subject:Jasmine tea?

I was just wondering if anyone can explain what Jasmine tea tastes like? I placed a couple orders in the past two weeks and have seen it, but to me - I think Jasmine = flowery air fresheners. It's the most popular scent for car fresheners it seems like and I can't imagine it as a tea.

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Date:2006-12-07 03:34
Subject:B's Teas website

new tea store, B's Teas is open for business. check it out!

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Date:2006-11-25 12:15
Mood: hopeful

I don't suppose any of you have rosebushes in your yards, apartment complexes, or workplaces, do you? If so, they should be covered with rosehips at this time of year. If you are so motivated and you find yourself outside in the next couple of days, would you take a ziploc baggie with you and pick as many rosehips as you can, tuck them into that baggie, pop them into a USPS priority mailer and send them to me? I would be ever so grateful.

The complex here has only a few scraggly bushes and I've been busy stripping them bare. We have rosebushes at work, though, and I will see about picking the hips from them, too. Though given the very active horticulture program on campus, someone might beat me with a rake if they saw me near a bush or shrub there.

Why rosehips? Well, I found some wonderful recipes for rosehip marmalade and rosehip jelly, not to mention the fact that I've got scads of fairly fresh chamomile, mint, and hibiscus that I picked up on our trip to Pittsburgh that would make wonderful tea if combined with dried rosehips. I'm thinking Christmas gifts, and if you help out, you'll definitely be on the receiving end...if you'd like to be, of course.

Rosehips are chock-full of vitamin C and contain antioxidants, so they are wonderful for you. Depending on how ripe they are and what variety of rose they come from, they range from horribly tart to slightly sweet.

Oh, if you happen to know that your rosebushes have been treated with loads of chemicals, please don't send me your hips. I don't want to glow in the dark (or have anyone else glow in the dark, either).

If you want to send me some rosehips in the mail, e-mail me at la_luna at livejournal dot com, and I'll send you my snail mail address if you don't already have it.


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Date:2006-11-21 06:24
Subject:Iced tea

Anyone have any suggestions as to how I should make iced tea? Any favouarite recepies e.c.t? Thanks!

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Date:2006-11-20 15:28

I just wanted to post a quick product review basically.

I had a coupon for the new Lipton Pyramid Tea Bags so I got a box over the weekend. It's actually pretty good. I got the white tea, and I want to say it's white tea with mandarin and peach? They also have two black teas and a green tea. I think the green tea was also mandarin or some sort of orange. I don't remember flavors the black ones were though.

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Date:2006-10-20 18:05

Hey, I was just wondering, what are your top 10 teas which have max. health benefits? I was just wondering because, I’m not sure what’s out there and what’s not. Thanks!

And this is a link to a website which give you recipes and some for foods made with tea. There is also a health section. Although it's mostly to advertise the company.

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Date:2006-10-06 18:03
Mood: grateful


I'm new to this community because I'm in LOOOVE with tea and I'm interested in the beneficial things they can do. 

I want to ask a few questions:

What's your favourite tea? And what are their known benefits?(Just so I can widen my knowlege) 

Has anyone heard how you can get cancer from certain branded tea? Because I had a friend who said that some brands spray the leaves with chemicals which gives cancer, if so I was wondering if anyone knew which brands they are so I can stay clear of them.

And, finally, can anyone tell me how to havist/look after/dry plants so I can then make my own tea? If so, that would be awesome:D


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Date:2006-09-23 22:05
Subject:In the News: Assam Tea Estate Manager Shot
Mood: bewildered

found on bbcnewsworld:



Assam separatists kill a tea estate manager, jolting the peace process in the north-eastern Indian state.

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Date:2006-09-23 13:47

Back at her truly memorable post


(hibiscus is the Nathan Lane of herbal teas -- LOL!) about some of the favorites in her tea cupboard, adaptor was mourning that she was about to run out of her favorite ice wine tea.

The proper replacement would be more of same, but if that's not available, may I suggest something else to try? Tea Vitale ice wine tea.


(it's in the second row, arrow down on that interior bar)

Tea Vitale is the second line of products from a company that originally began selling hot chocolate blends. But make no mistake, this tea is not an over-looked step-child. I bought the ice wine tea at a grocery store on the same day that I bought some muscat grapes and I swear it tastes just like them. It's very rich and very intense and I think that if adaptor doesn't find it to be a replacement for her favorite, it will be a new favorite on its own.

You've heard about dessert wines? This is a dessert tea. But I've found a way to drink it more often by using it to flavor regular tea. The humblest Lipton becomes something special with just 1/4 teaspoon of this in the pot. Flavors it with the same intensity as a good Earl Grey.

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Date:2006-09-02 05:02
Subject:vitasoy green tea

vitasoy green tea...
it says its' unsweetened..
anyone ever try? or on another note.. anyone ever try to mix tea with soy? I might be experimenting with chrysanthemum sometime this week.. which gives me cool ideas for using that soy/tea blend for a tea smoothie *yum&*

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Date:2006-08-17 02:20

ok, silly question here... but my curiosity can't help it!

what sort of interesting things can you do with tea, tea leaves, mixtures, etc.. other then make tea?

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Date:2006-08-10 11:36

Not sure if this is allowed, but i am selling a tin of 48 bags of Republic of Tea's British Breakfast on ebay. I tried it, but I just didn't like it.

Here is the link: http://cgi.ebay.com/Republic-of-Tea-BRITISH-BREAKFAST-specialty-black-tea_W0QQitemZ150021113126QQihZ005QQcategoryZ88433QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

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Date:2006-07-06 16:26
Mood: satisfied

i just harvested (a little late) my first batch of mint :)

i also moved one batch of the plant so i could grow more!

i used to not be a fan of mint tea, but after my stomach began to give me some trouble, the mint tea really helped calm/sooth my tummy.

tea is amazing stuff!

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Date:2006-06-29 18:47

I hope this is okay :] I've made a new community called pearlsandtea for 
lovers of all things tea party and quaint :] and
storybookalice for all Alice in Wonderland art, I hope to get some more members!

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Date:2006-05-22 09:03

This weekend I received my tea cozies from special_patrol and I love them!  For those who didn't read the comment conversation, I ordered them in Harry Potter house colors, and they are incredibly cute.  They went over very well at my social gathering last night.  I think the Slytherin one is my favorite.  And eventually, I shall post pictures.  I especially love the little loop for the handle to go through.  


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