Unwritten (_losingtouch_) wrote in the_tea_garden,

Iced Tea

Hi, everyone! I just joined the community and I was hoping some of the members here would answer a few questions for me about iced tea. I am doing a project for school and I am trying to gather some information about iced tea drinkers. If this an inappropriate post, please let me know and I will delete it.

1. Do you drink Iced Tea?
2. If you do drink iced tea, what do you like about it?
3. Do you tend to purchase pre-made iced tea that comes in a bottle or do you make your own iced tea?
4. Do you like Snapple iced teas?
5. Do you know that Snapple has released an entire new line of iced teas?
6. If you buy iced tea in a bottle and you don't buy Snapple iced tea, what brands do you buy?
7. Are you male or female?
8. How old are you? (you can give me an age range if you don't want to give me specifics)
9. What is your lifestyle (i.e. work full time, working mom, stay at home mom, stay at home wife, student, etc.)?
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