selchie9 (selchie9) wrote in the_tea_garden,

Tea party menu

I've decided to combine two of my favourite things, baking and tea, by throwing a tea party. I have the menu planned out, but I'm unsure of which teas to serve with each course. I'd like to have a black tea and a green/herbal tea option for each. The menu is:

Course 1:
    - ham and tarragon mustard with green apple sandwich
    - goat cheese and avocado sandwich
    - cucumber and cream cheese sandwich

Course 2:
    - pumpkin scones
    - unsweetened whipped cream (Devonshire cream is too pricey for me, and clotted cream is unavailable here)
    - strawberry jam
    - homemade orange marmalade

Course 3:
    - Tarte Tatin
    - chocolate truffles (possibly chai spiced, if I can figure out how to do it and don't run out of time)
    - Slices of grapefruit, orange, watermelon and pear

Strangely, even though I prefer black tea to green herbal, I'm having a much easier time thinking up green/herbal teas for my menu. First course I think will be a cinnamon and tangerine oolong (although I'm open to other suggestions), and Russian Caravan for the black tea. For the second course I was thinking almond rooibus for the non-black tea, and a sour cherry green tea for the third course. Anyone have any suggestions for the black teas? And although it's slightly off-topic, does anyone have any idea which, if any, of these can be made ahead of time? At the moment it looks like I'll spend the entire morning baking.
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