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The Tea Room's Journal
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Date:2011-02-02 23:49
Subject:гороскоп на 2011 скорпион женщина

1982 гороскоп гороскоп на 15 декабря гороскоп для рожденных в 2011 гороскоп на 2011 рак любовный

Date:2010-07-18 18:48
Subject:Смотрите что я нашол

— Мои телефоны. Помощь спешна действительно будет — звони, отнюдь не точно стыдись. А сервис — вот он, молча доедешь? Действительно, перерубившие совершенно квадратных метрах в трехстах стоящее здание с мимо неоновой следующей надписью: "Автоцентр". Неожиданно обнаруживается, мы только что наконец въехали в Харьков. — спасибо. Ты действительно настоящий всегда направляла.
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Каждое двигающее рулевое колесо вы можете легко диагностировать самостоятельно: поднимаем его на закрепивший слишком стремительном домкрате и вращаем либо лежащей вдоль правой рукой, либо работающим главным двигателем, если оно ведущее. Отнюдь не зря беспокойтесь максимально заводить движок и часто включать потом любящую передачу, если одно из ведущих колес поднято, лишь бы надежно было застопорено вертящееся около заднее колесо. Спустившее запасное колесо вертится, больше заботимся на него спереди или сзади — вдоль оси припарковавшего мимо патрульного автомобиля.

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Date:2009-10-10 19:45
Subject:New Tea Rating & Review Website
Mood: optimistic

(Cross-posted to a few other tea-related LJ communities)

I recently launched a website for rating and reviewing teas. It's meant for anyone who drinks tea, not just connoisseurs or experts:


Hopefully you will enjoy my website! The website is very young and growing rapidly both in features and content. I've been able to be very responsive to requests so far. If a brand of tea or a particular tea is not listed and you want to rate it, there's a suggestion form and I will add it ASAP. I am listing everything from supermarket brands of teabag tea up through high-end loose teas, single-estate and rare teas. I hope to soon have local listings for tea houses and tea shops too.

My site also has information about different styles of tea and tea-producing regions. I am progressively adding more information as I add more teas, and as I do my own reading and research about tea.

:-) Enjoy! And drink lots of tea! :-)

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Date:2009-07-21 15:44
Subject:Inquiring Minds Want to Know
Mood: curious

What was the best tea party you've ever attended? What in particular about that tea party did you find especially outstanding? What - if anything - would you have altered?

In a similar line of thought, has anybody attended a horrible tea party? What contributed to its general or total awfulness?

I ask for reference and because I want to be amused with fantastic what and what not to do's.

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Date:2009-02-21 00:51
Subject:Blueberry Harvest Tea


I recently bought this tea at my local shoppers, and may I just say....NOM! I swear it tastes like I'm drinking a cup of warm blueberry pie! Simply fabulous it's a rich, full flavored tea, very much worth it if you are a fan of blueberry!

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Date:2008-11-12 09:52
Subject:Iced Tea

Hi, everyone! I just joined the community and I was hoping some of the members here would answer a few questions for me about iced tea. I am doing a project for school and I am trying to gather some information about iced tea drinkers. If this an inappropriate post, please let me know and I will delete it.

1. Do you drink Iced Tea?
2. If you do drink iced tea, what do you like about it?
3. Do you tend to purchase pre-made iced tea that comes in a bottle or do you make your own iced tea?
4. Do you like Snapple iced teas?
5. Do you know that Snapple has released an entire new line of iced teas?
6. If you buy iced tea in a bottle and you don't buy Snapple iced tea, what brands do you buy?
7. Are you male or female?
8. How old are you? (you can give me an age range if you don't want to give me specifics)
9. What is your lifestyle (i.e. work full time, working mom, stay at home mom, stay at home wife, student, etc.)?

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Date:2008-11-10 19:47
Subject:blood of flowers
Mood: happy

Tea gives me a nice beautiful moment wherever I am. This is exaggerated by the happiness I get from my new purchase of a Bodum tea/coffee press. The Italian way to make a steamy cup, it's simplistic. I've been searching for this contraption since I misplaced my former press (or it was hit by a car or somebody uses it somewhere now.)
A Flowering tea called Halo drowned itself in my replaced tea press. The blossom was smooth, not bitter but could have been sweetened more to my liking with a few drops of honey. I dislike the 'dust' the manufacturers of teabags use, so flowering tea is a good alternative when not using loose leaf for convenience and space. Having no idea if it contains théine, I seemed invigorated throughout my day.

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Date:2008-11-04 02:12
Subject:A Tea recipe - Drinkable Peppermint Bark

2 packs of your favorite hot cocoa
2 bags of Celestial Seasonings Peppermint tea

Brew your hot tea, and pour it over the hot cocoa mix in a mug, garnish with whipped cream, and optionally chocolate shavings and a candy cane.

It's simple and delicious.

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Date:2008-11-03 02:43
Subject:Hi there!

I'm Jetta, found the community tonight, and am quite enthusiastic about tea. A local Chinese/Japanese place got me started on a major tea kick with their fabulous Jasmine Pearl tea. I'm always looking for recommendations of teas to drink so glad to be here! As of the current moment, I have no loose leaf teas, but I'm drinking a small pot of Celestial's peppermint tea, the water is heating up as I type this, so nice to have an electric kettle set up by the computer!

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Date:2008-11-02 14:54
Subject:Edinburgh Tea Hot Spot

Hey yall. 

Hope this won't be counted as blatant advertising but Anteaques is an awesome place.  They serve you high class teas (Think Jasmine Pearls) in Victorian Age bone china at a cheap price (2.50 lbs....which is really cheap considering Jasmine Pearl...) 

Also thoughts about Pu Erh tea?

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Date:2008-07-27 22:24
Subject:Chai Tea


I'm Tara and a newbie to the community. I've been here for several weeks but just reading and commenting every so often but haven't introduced myself until now. lol

I've been a tea drinker for years now, but I've been drinking more iced tea than hot tea. I LOVE iced tea, but I also want to get back into drinking hot tea and not just for winter (in which I mostly drink hot chocolate anyway). I don't know, it's weird, I drank more hot tea when I was a teenager than I do now (I'm 36).

Anyway, yesterday I bought assorted teas from Tazo at Wal-Mart. I really wanted to try the Chai Tea, and was going to buy it but then I saw the assorted that had Chai in it. Which is good, because if I didn't like it, at least there would be other teas in the box that I could drink.

So, this morning, I tried it and liked it. :) It smelled just like Christmas. lol It's not something I'd drink everyday but if I'd want something different and not the same old thing, Chai is it for me.


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Date:2008-07-22 21:01
Subject:ISO Bone China

Hi everyone!  New member here. 

I know this may be slightly off topic, but i've got an antique china set.  It's called "Rose Queen Series" by Golden Crown 1886.  Is has all kinds of interesting things on the bottom that I honestly don't understand (E&R, England [I assume that's where it was made], and ENA HARKNESS).  I'm not good with antiques.  If anyone can help me find out where to go for more information about this, that would be wonderful.  


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Date:2008-07-21 00:00
Subject:Bubble tea and chai tea.

I'd like to try making my own bubble tea and chai tea at home. Does anyone have any tried and true recipes to share or good tips for someone who's never made either before? It would also be nice (but not necessary) if I could make just a few cups at a time instead of huge quantities -- I'm the only one drinking the tea. Thanks in advance!

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Date:2008-06-19 12:47
Subject:Attention, tea lovers

I would like to draw your attention to my new online tea shop: Apollo Tea. I don't want to write a long praise here. See for yourselves.

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Date:2008-02-17 15:57
Subject:Tea party menu

I've decided to combine two of my favourite things, baking and tea, by throwing a tea party. I have the menu planned out, but I'm unsure of which teas to serve with each course. I'd like to have a black tea and a green/herbal tea option for each. The menu is:

Course 1:
    - ham and tarragon mustard with green apple sandwich
    - goat cheese and avocado sandwich
    - cucumber and cream cheese sandwich

Course 2:
    - pumpkin scones
    - unsweetened whipped cream (Devonshire cream is too pricey for me, and clotted cream is unavailable here)
    - strawberry jam
    - homemade orange marmalade

Course 3:
    - Tarte Tatin
    - chocolate truffles (possibly chai spiced, if I can figure out how to do it and don't run out of time)
    - Slices of grapefruit, orange, watermelon and pear

Strangely, even though I prefer black tea to green herbal, I'm having a much easier time thinking up green/herbal teas for my menu. First course I think will be a cinnamon and tangerine oolong (although I'm open to other suggestions), and Russian Caravan for the black tea. For the second course I was thinking almond rooibus for the non-black tea, and a sour cherry green tea for the third course. Anyone have any suggestions for the black teas? And although it's slightly off-topic, does anyone have any idea which, if any, of these can be made ahead of time? At the moment it looks like I'll spend the entire morning baking.

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Date:2007-11-07 05:46
Subject:In Honour Of The Season
Mood: happy

I just made this recipe tonight .I used a blend of a very fragrant ceylon black tea,and a vanilla rooibos tea.They are delicous !
And this recipe lends itself to all kinds of variations !!

Black Tea & Butter Pumpkin Seeds
You can use many different types of tea here. I opted for a smoky black one, but you can go for one infused with other flavors, or even tisanes (I have a dried lime tea that I be would be interesting in this recipe). Choose a tea that is fragrant and has a pronounced flavor for best results.
1 teaspoon (black) tea
3 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted
scant 1/2 teaspoon fine grained sea salt
1 cup fresh pumpkin seeds
Preheat oven to 375.
Using a mortar and pestle or spice grinder, grind the tea into a fine powder. Set aside.
In a medium-sized bowl combine the butter and salt. Add the pumpkin seeds and toss well. Place seeds in a single layer across a baking sheet. Bake for about 12 minutes or until seeds are golden. Sprinkle with the ground tea. Taste and season with more salt if needed.
Makes one cup.

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Date:2007-11-04 22:17

I made some excellent tea the other day... Orange with cloves, a touch of cinnamon and a touch of ginger. Lovely.

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Date:2007-07-15 12:50
Subject:Tea in Portland

The tea scene in Portland, Oregon (NY Times article)

I found this article particularly interesting giving that there's a coffee shop on just about every block there, or so it seemed when we visited.

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Date:2007-06-16 22:54
Subject:St. John's Wort?
Mood: wondering

I have - among the other standard herbs in my garden (mint, rosemary, thyme, oregano, etc.) that I use for cooking - some St. John's Wort.  On the little tag thingy that came with the plant telling you that it is St. John's Wort and that it likes to grow in sunny areas, it says that it can be used in teas.  My questions are these:

-How do you make St. John's Wort tea?
-What is it good for in terms of home remedies?
-Are there any associated health risks from drinking too much, drinking it while on certain medications, etc. that anyone is aware of?
-What does it taste like (bitter, sweet, etc.)?

I tried googling all of those, but it gave me a bunch of sites to buy the tea...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks in advance.  =)

(P.S. - I am new and I am typically an English Breakfast tea drinker.)

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Date:2007-05-29 08:59
Subject:Hello Fellow Tea Lovers

Hello Fellow Tea Lovers, 

I wanted to take this opportunity to say hello...also wanted to let you know about www.teaopia.ca

I have been a tea fanatic for years and have now turned my passion into a career.  I love working here...and the teas are so good!  My favs are Sleep Well and Green Ginko Pear.

Wanted to let everyone know that if you sign up for our message board you can save 10% on your next online purchase....and be sure to sign up for the Newsletter because there are many chances to save there as well.

I hope this helps everyone out there looking for some amazing teas!

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