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Inquiring Minds Want to Know

What was the best tea party you've ever attended? What in particular about that tea party did you find especially outstanding? What - if anything - would you have altered?

In a similar line of thought, has anybody attended a horrible tea party? What contributed to its general or total awfulness?

I ask for reference and because I want to be amused with fantastic what and what not to do's.
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lol @ your icon! :P

I only attended one "tea party". The intent was good, but the circumstances weren't that great (at least in my view). It was at a big group convention. It was outside & the wind picked up, causing napkins & anything else that didn't have weight to it to fly away. It was supposed to be "elegant" & based on English traditions. But the sheer size of the event made it feel more like a buffet. :/
The best tea party I ever attended was outdoors and had both humans and dogs present, and had some people dressed up in dresses or suits and others dressed up in bunny suits and other great costumes. And they were all swing dancing people!

I've honestly never been to a tea party... I've not even really heard of any being held...
It would be fun to get some oldteasets together & hold one though!