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I Had Catnip Tea Last Night!

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Seriously, the first listed ingredient was valerian root, along with passionflower, skullcap, chamomile and catnip. The tea is called Relaxing and made by the Triple Leaf Tea Company which is based in San Francisco. But it can be found in health food stores. Their web site lists Vitamin Shoppe as a possible outlet, but our nearest store is Better Health. They have plenty of this tea.

The tea has a pleasant flavor. I brewed it for about 10 minutes and it still wasn't too strong. I've tried herbal blends that contained valerian root, in a tablet form that you drop in hot water and it fizzes. It worked (helping me at bedtime) but somehow that's not as satisfying as brewing a hot cuppa tea.

No, the catnip did not make my hyper and silly the way it does with my cat. But I'm keeping the tea bags away from my kitty, just in case she tries to get into them!
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